01: The Night-Time Habits of Daniel Lough

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  • January 26, 2022
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Homesteader and farmer Daniel Lough heard terrified shouting coming from his neighbour’s farm in the early morning hours of June 20, 1918. He bolted across the road, and after discovering the cabin set ablaze, rushed by horseback to the village of Grande Prairie to fetch the authorities. This crime scene, the Snyder farm, was the first discovery in what would become Alberta’s largest unsolved mass murder.

The Snyder Farm, 2021

We know the approximate location of the Snyder farm based on physical descriptions of the location in the archival material. The homestead is long gone, and the property has been developed into a suburban sub-division in recent years. The house and barn were located just to the north and west of the slough, which is still present today. The house was likely located about a hundred feet or less behind the truck in this image. This photograph was taken from “Daniel Lough’s property,” across the road from the Snyders. Photo by Chris Beauchamp.

Sources & Historical Material

  • Alberta History – Murder on the Prairie: Who Killed Six Immigrant Settlers? by Dr. David Leonard [link]
  • The Grande Prairie of the Great Northland – The Evolution of a County 1805 – 1951 by Dr. David Leonard [link]
  • Foulest of Murders: The Story of Grande Prairie’s 1918 Unsolved Murder of 6 by Wallace Lloyd Tansem [link]
  • Daniel Lough Criminal Case File, Alberta Provincial Archives
  • Snyder Inquest File, Alberta Provincial Archives

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Episode 1 Acknowledgements

Blood on the Prairie is produced by Cris Seppola and Chris Beauchamp.

We’d like to thank the South Peace Regional Archives, the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Alyssa Curry, Karen Simonson, Dr. David Leonard, Brenda Lacroix, the family of Wallace Tansem, Jason Halwa, Al Peterson, Kasper Townes, Gordie Haakstad, Richard Podsada, and Laura Beauchamp.

Music used in this episode by: Unrealsfx, Matt Stewart Evans, Linus Johnson, Brianna Tam, Michael Vignola, and Yehezkel Raz

Our voice actors in this episode included Clint Webb, Scott Maitland, Wade Morrison, Derek Hall, and Cameron Donald.

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Season 1
Season 1
01: The Night-Time Habits of Daniel Lough


  • 0:00:10 Land Acknowledgement and Intro
  • 0:01:27 Prologue
  • 0:04:51 The Night-Time Habits of Daniel Lough
  • 0:06:04 The Burning Cabin
  • 0:10:53 Daniel’s Ride to Town
  • 0:13:14 Police Are Notified
  • 0:17:38 The Gun
  • 0:19:35 The Victims
  • 0:24:20 Additional Evidence
  • 0:26:03 The Public Reaction
  • 0:29:34 Next Episode
  • 0:29:52 Credits
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